Chef Cuts

Chef Cuts is a project about great Toronto chefs showing off essential knife skills for cooking real food.

It’s available for purchase from, but you can also flip through the pages here for free!

Then, please go enjoy meals and real food from all of these incredible chefs, who happen to be generous, inspiring people, too!

Publish Date Mar 08, 2015

Language English


I am really proud to share my book, Chef Cuts with you, which is a result of my Independent Enrichment Study in grade nine from school. I am so thrilled to be able to have spent time with some of Toronto’s greatest chefs showing off essential knife skills for cooking real food.

As my mother joked, this Independent Enrichment Study was not truly independent. Although I created it, organized it, did the interviews and photography, I could not have completed this without the help and gracious support of all of the chefs featured in my book: Bashir Munye, Cory Vitiello, Marni Wasserman, Rocco Agostino, Owen Steinberg, Doug McNish, Joey Storm (my sister), Ryan Rudnickas, and Brad Long. Thank you ALL for responding to my emails and tweets and taking time out of your busy days and kitchens to be a part of this project – I learned SO MUCH from you that I didn’t expect, that I will always remember. Thanks also to my mother, who drove me around the city whenever I booked meetings, for teaching me how to really manage a project, and how to do page layout on top of all else she does. Thank you to my whole family for your love and for telling me that everything will always be “awesmazing”!

Throughout this term, working on this project, I learned less about the cuts of vegetables and photography, and more about how practice makes perfect, and how “stepping up” and showing up with a great attitude and being organized are the most important first steps. In speaking with the incredible chefs, I learned that not only do you need skills and a sharp knife in the kitchen, but also need to have a sharp mind and to work really hard, no matter what.